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2024 Announcements

The plans and the future of Permafrost

I began working with Hope it Works studios (HiW) to create this new game two months ago. After long hours of endless work on this game, it is with happiness that I announce Permafrost's expected out-of-beta release early July. If you haven't heard yet, Permafrost is a new winter survival game where you must survive in a post-nuclear world with few resources and hostiles galore. Development is about 60% done in most aspects, so all the basics of the game are complete. The only steps left is to ensure playability, fix bugs, optimize mechanics, and add more content. Due to myself moving for the next few weeks, I must provide adequate time to work on the game so I don't release it with bugs.

Additionally, Xenon has been acquired by Minekeep, so it should be noted that all my future games will be on Minekeep rather than Xenon. I will be posting a new sneak-peek of what it'll look like on the Minekeep and SkUnity discord communities soon! In the meantime, be patient and stay tuned!

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Apr 5th, 2024


Archived site is now open source!

For many years, throughout 2019-2024, I have always kept my website's source code unavailable. Because I no longer have a place to host my previous site's content or any purpose for the code, I've decided to make it open source for anyone to use or view.

It includes the source code for AlecsCP, my old panel, and some of my old blogging systems and my old CMS. I've removed my personal content from it and removed other sensitive files. Feel free to check it out and use it!

Click here to view the source code on GitHub.

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Apr 4th, 2024


Archive site deletion

The archive of, available at, is fading away. The old website is hosted on Hostinger, to which we are letting the plan expire and will vanish into digital oblivion.

The archived site is what used to look like before the migration and revamp. It will continue to stay up until midnight on April 3rd. See it now before its gone forever!

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Apr 1st, 2024


New Game Trailer

ChimkenNuggz is an upcoming strategy mob game. I have partnered with my brother to create a trailer showcasing this new game. The video is available here and you can play it now on Xenon using the IP: or use /join ChimkenNuggz on the Xenon lobby!

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Mar 2nd, 2024


Old Post Removal

I have decided to remove old posts (prior to 2023) from this website. Archive pages and SWR posts before January 1st, 2023 have been taken down from this website. Posts created before this date contained much personal information, so they are no longer visible here for the time being.

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Feb 28th, 2024


Egg Development Disbanded

After a short-lived revival period, I have made the difficult decision to disband Egg Development. All Egg Development assets and the Discord server will be completely removed on Friday, Feburary 16th. This doesn't signal the end to my Minecraft game development passion, though! I have joined a new development group, known as Hope it Works Studios, and will be helping to create fun new games there. I will also be moving my past games on Xenon to this new development group.


As part of my depature from Egg Development, I have stopped development of EggSiege, LavaRise, and Shootout (previously named EggDuels). Instead, we are now working on a new winter survival game called Permafrost. The goal is to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic snowy wasteland. I will no longer be updating Shootout or LavaRise and will solely focus on this major new game. More details will be available soon.

Thanks for supporting me through the journey of Egg Development. It's been awesome and I can't wait for what the future beholds in this new development studio.

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Feb 14th, 2024


Xenon Release + New Game

Last week, I released a new game, EggDuels, to the Xenon beta testing community. After careful consideration, I have decided to stop updating EggDuels and rather work on a new game. This time, I'm taking better steps toward making it more fun and engaging. I will be releasing a new game on Friday, February 2nd, known as LavaRise. This new game will have better retention while staying fun and unique! Each game will have a different modifier, and you can choose which kit you'd like to go. Then, players have to fight it out in an arena that's shrinking while the lava is rising! Stay tuned on our Discord server for more!

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Jan 31st, 2024


EggDuels Beta Test

EggDuels was publicly released on Xenon yesterday. As stated on the Egg Development Discord, I planned on hosting it either on Saturday or Sunday. I used Saturday to fix up some bugs for the release on Sunday. I tested it with the beta testing group on Xenon early Sunday morning. Needless to say, it went very bad. There were many bugs and I had to close the game down for a few hours while I fixed things up. However, I ran another beta test and all things went perfectly except for non-game-breaking bugs. I wish I had fixed everything before-hand, but at least now it's ready for its full release on Feburary 2nd. Use the IP to join when Xenon releases in Feburary.

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Jan 29th, 2024


EggDuels releasing soon!

EggDuels, a new game from Egg Development, will be releasing (in beta) this Friday. This announcement was made in advance to notify players of an upcoming test session where bugs will be fixed. Please join our Discord to stay up-to-date on our new game and be notified of test sessions!

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Jan 22nd, 2024


The future of Egg Development

(Crossposted from the Egg Development Discord server)

A new game from Egg Development is almost ready to be released, as we begin our next chapter.

EggDuels is an upcoming game intended for the Xenon network. It features 3 dueling minigames on custom-built maps.

How it works:

Players choose to match up with another player. These players then receive guns and must battle to the death!

Upcoming Minigames:

Currently, 1v1 and 2v2 duels will be available upon the initial release. A free-for-all gamemode will also be available, allowing multiple players to battle it out in an arena!

Xenon Minecraft Platform:

Xenon is a new Minecraft server hosting platform and community. We support the Xenon community and will be retiring all Egg Development games on Minehut. We will be developing and moving our other games from Minehut to the Xenon community. EggDuels will release alongside Xenon on Friday, January 21st.

Other News (regarding Egg Development):

We consider this the new beginning of Egg Development, as this will be our first true game release to a large community. We have so much planned that we want to share with the Xenon community soon!

What's going on with EggEvents?

EggEvents was our previous attempt at creating a fun and unique server. While it was successful content-wise, after holding many public beta tests, it seems best to leave the old EggEvents codebase behind us and start off fresh. This gamemode (EggDuels) is mostly based off one of our previous EggEvents gamemodes. EggEvents will be officially retired by Friday. We thank all participants who participated in the public beta testing last August. EggEvents is now public for anyone to play until Friday.

Last Words:

EggDuels is only the beginning for our renewed development studio. We have much planned for the summer, from events to more servers and large content updates! We hope you follow us along our new journey.

See you there!

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Jan 22nd, 2024