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SWR 2023 Yearly Wrap-up

2023 has been an incredible year in terms of learning and self-progression. 2023 was filled with new projects, ideas, and more. I had gotten more free time, and used that time to better myself while producing amazing projects for everyone. In early 2023, I had switched between many projects, like various Minecraft servers, minigames, and more. All of them failed and never reached a stable state, but I had used this knowledge to create even better projects. I worked on my website to completely rework the backend panel. I developed an entirely new control panel for managing content on the site. It didn't last long, however. I decided to (once again) completely redesign the ENTIRE site infrastructure once again to move it from PHP to a static, serverless platform for cost efficiency. This proved to be successful, and I learned more about JavaScript but my control panel became outdated and useless on this new platform. Other than my website, I began working on a new Minecraft server, which ended up being my first released server. EggEvents was a rotating-minigame type server, featuring duels, FFA PvP, Skywars, amongst many other unique gamemodes. I worked on this passion project for many months and released it during the summer, to which it received few players and was shut down shortly after. Not to worry though, later that year something better was to become in the ruins of EggEvents. Lofi Player was another project I developed to better my JavaScript skills and as a useful side project for a great collection of free, non-restrictive Lofi music. It didn't take long to develop, but unfortunately it hasn't received any new updates since the Autumn radio release. The Lofi player will unfortunately be shut down later this year. Finally, after the death of EggEvents, I developed EggSiege, using past knowledge and best practices learned from developing previous servers. So far, it has become a success development-wise, but has yet to hit the playerbase this summer. This past year was my most productive year by far, and I hope to continue this stream of success going into this next year. See you all in 2024!


Last week was a successful week for my linux ricing project. I got everything fixed, and I successfully installed Wayfire (plus eww and other plugins) only to realize that it wasn't what I hoped for and jumped on the hype train for Hyprland. I installed Hyprland (along with someone else's rice) so I hope I can get the project done soon. Winter break has (technically) started for me, however I will still be dedicating my time to working on school. EggSiege got a few minor backend updates, with more recoding to be done in the future. I also made a few minor upgrades to my sites. I haven't done much the last week, but I hope that once I finish ricing Linux I will begin working at a faster pace with less distractions. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week was filled with motivation (and failure) for new projects. As some of you may know, I've created a new GitHub repo containing my 'dotfiles'. I recently have been getting into the Linux world of 'ricing', meaning to configure a compositor and desktop system to make it more usable and pretty. Last weekend, I wasted all my time messing around with different WM's, compositors, and DM's, which I ended up spending hours fixing random bugs, only to realize that I shouldn't use a Raspberry Pi for ricing, and then spending another day setting up Arch on a VM, then only to realize that I don't like X11 or Xorg and Wayland (my prefered protocol) wasn't supported on VM's. Now, this week, I hope to set up my main computer with Arch (using a USB drive, I won't be uninstalling Windows for a while...) and install Wayfire/Wayland and customize it. I will then share my dots (at the repo shared previously) and continue learning about linux and attempting to make it usable for my daily workflow (Linux is better than Windows, yet it's hard to make the switch). I've learned how to install Arch and make some basic configs for LightDM and LightDM Mini Greeter, now I must learn how to make Wayfire and Wayland work properly with my Nvidia 1050Ti graphics card. Other than messing with Arch and ricing, I've been working on my website. More work is being done on the backend to prepare for a major redesign of the landing site. EggSiege development is paused, yet I still am fixing minor bugs and working on recoding some systems to make it easier to develop after release. Finally, it should be worth noting that I won't be active through the 24th to the 26th (we are taking a trip near Leavenworth, WA for this Christmas!). See you all next week!


Last week, my focus has been on school which has unfortunately made it difficult to get projects done. You may have seen a few changes here and there around my sites, as I begin to redesign them. There is more to be done on these sites, and I'm recoding some backend stuff to make things more optimized. I fixed the Contact Form and integrated it with Discord, and I'll be working on fixing a few minor bugs with it later. Other than website stuff, I've been fixing bugs on EggSiege. My deadline is still set to December, but I'm not very good at holding myself to goal dates and this may change. After thorough rethinking of EggSiege's current game design, I think its in the game's best interest to partially recode some aspects of the game to make it more fun upon release of Season 0. That seems like everything this week, and I'll see you all next week!


I'm back in the US from our Thanksgiving trip and my project progress went as expected. I didn't get much done throughout last week, but got more progress completed throughout the weekend. The things I've done last week are extremely minimal. I worked a bit on fixing the Contact Form for my Landing site (and added partial Discord integration) and worked on optimizing things for the backend of my sites. As stated in the latest announcement, I am restructuring my priorities, and progress on EggSiege will slow. My website infrastructure needs attention, and EggSiege will most likely have to wait until late December. I ran a successful, short playtest with friends on EggSiege and things went extremely well. I will slow development of EggSiege, but it's very close to completion so it won't take me too much time to complete. I just have to focus on my broken website and bad infrastructure first, which I anticipate to take about a week. Finally, we may have revived an old project for a fun, unique and challenging strategy game, but I don't know if progress will continue due to the lack of good Minecraft hosting community platforms. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


This post is being sent from another country! Like I said last week, we are going on a small Thanksgiving trip to see family members near Calgary, Alberta. I won't really be doing much school this week and project progress will likely be very slow. Anyways, last week was great for progress on EggSiege. I added a new map, tons of new kits, balance changes, 6+ new custom kits, and more! I got tons of stuff done last weekend, which I was very proud of. I also have done some major backend changes to the site in making it faster and more polished, such as partially recoding the Contact Form and various bug fixes. I am also working on a new project (which I hope to announce soon) that allows you to easily download any free Minehut server from a web GUI. Don't expect much progress as far as projects go for the next SWR. See you all next week!


Last week, I got a ton of stuff done on projects. During the past few weeks, it's been difficult to work on my projects due to covid, the extended trip and school. Last weekend was one of my most productive weekends in a long time. I got a bunch of stuff done on EggSiege, and worked on some infrastructure for this new group. I completed and polished a total of 15 custom items for this new game, and partially implemented many new kits! It's very impressive what I managed to get done. I also was able to dedicate a full week to getting school done, and I've gotten caught up with my schoolwork. We will be taking another week off for Thanksgiving in Canada, but I hope I can be ahead in my studies this week to enjoy some Canadian snow next week. You might have seen a few minor changes on the site, like post previews on the homepage, etc. I've been working slowly to get the site completed before the EggSiege release. I polished up this site to reduce CSS and clean up a few things. I continued working on a new DiamondFire minigame called WallBrawl, where you duel others on a wall! It's a unique and original concept, but it's difficult to program without a rank on DiamondFire. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week was a very mixed week. We got COVID after traveling for the past 2 weeks and this last week was a total mess. I couldn't do any school (it was too hard for me to focus) and it was extremely difficult to make any progress on EggSiege or other projects. I ended up binge watching Netflix shows such as The Last Kids on Earth. I'm feeling a lot better now and I've regained motivation to work on projects. Because we can't really go anywhere, I had a bunch of time that I could have spent working on projects and used as much of it as I could, even though I wasn't motivated. I feel like I've said this 1000 times, but EggSiege is almost ready and I want to release it on Minefort in 2 weeks. I'm not sure if this will happen, but this is a good timeframe since we're leaving for another trip to Canada for Thanksgiving break. The site hasn't gotten many changes since last week, and school hasn't been going so good either. After 2 weeks of no school, another week of being sick is definitely not what I need to get ahead in my studies. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Happy (early) Halloween! Last week was as crazy as the week before. We had came back late Friday, so not much was done throughout the week. I was able to get a few things done over the weekend, however. If you've been on the website, you'll see that it has been redesigned with tons of improvements! It's not completed yet, but it's a step in the right direction. I also have been prepping for the release of EggSiege by making the Discord server more professional and adding useful features to EggSiege. I have brought back the Contact Form and made many CSS changes to the website (with a few major changes to the site backend) and provided many useful QoL updates to the site. I have to start grinding school again as I missed the last 2 weeks, so I don't expect much progress to be made on my current projects. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!

🎃 Happy Early Halloween! 🦇


Last week was an absolutely crazy week! As stated in the previous SWR, we would be taking a trip, however it didn't go fully as planned. The first part of the trip went well; we took a flight to the SF Bay Area which went well and didn't really have any problems throughout the week. But then, an urgent issue arose and we had to cancel our flight back and extend it until Thursday. So now, we are still staying in a hotel for about a week longer than expected, impacting my expected school schedule and project time. Because of this, the amount of work on my projects throughout last week has decreased slowly (I didn't get much done) and continues to decrease now as there are more interruptions. Luckily, I had been staying ahead in my studies so I should be able to bounce back with school next week. With that out of the way, EggSiege's predicted release date may very well not be in October, which is disappointing seeing how the current spawn & events are Halloween-themed. I will still try my best though, so it's important that you stay updated on my Discord server. Finally, I have some plans on putting some effort into making GitCMS better, and actually finishing We'll see how it goes, but I may spend more time on web projects instead of EggSiege due to reduced motiviation (I'll still get it done, don't worry!) and spending time to enjoy our (extended) trip. That's it for this week, and I'll see you all next week!


Last week, I have continued to make more improvements to EggSiege. Now that I've been working on this project for a few months, I think it's almost time to release it to everyone. Join the Egg Development Discord server and stay updated about new test sessions & more. We had held a test session yesterday, and it went great! I am so excited my new game once it's ready. My GitHub commit graph has been much more active recently, because I've been commitng my server code to GitHub. As I've completely moved away all servers from Minehut, I am using GitHub as a place to store my server in the meantime. I hope to use Minefort or another paid platform once the server releases. Besides EggSiege, I have been experimenting with my site and fixing a few annoying bugs. Finally, we are going on another trip to California starting today, and we won't be back until Sunday. I will most likely continue to work on my sites and possibly EggSiege, but progress made this coming week will be very slow. That's about it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week, I have been working on a whole bunch of different projects. Of course, I have been continuing to work on EggSiege, but I have been trying to expand and work on other projects too. I looked back at my other SWR's and realized that they were extremely cringe and didn't really relate to SWR-stuff, so I'm going to try to make my SWR's more professional and concise. Anyways, I want to add a gun system to EggSiege, but there aren't any good gun systems available on GitHub. I talked to Tsukii, an admin for Prismarin (a Minecraft server that is shutting down) so I could use their code to improve an existing gun system from a different project to use on EggSiege. After the release of EggSiege, my roadmap is to add more content (kits, gamemodes, maps) and then focus on events (such as the Gun event) so I could create a unique server. I also rediscovered an amazing server, DiamondFire, and have been trying out a few plots (people on there are really talented). We will be going on another trip to Silicon Valley next week, so I will be gone from Monday thru Friday next week. I will be working on my site soon, and I hope to get a new site published late next week (since I will have time to work on it during the flight & downtime in the hotel). That's about it for this week and I will see you all next week!


Last week, EggSiege has been my main priority. My goal is to get this game released as soon as possible. My original goal was to get other players testing the game yesterday, but I wanted to fix a few more known bugs before players encountered them. It's also getting a lot more content and features, and I'm removing all tech debt now so I can easily add more content sustainably to the game. Before I release the game, it would be really nice if I finish GitCMS and my website, so others who view my portfolio wouldn't encounter an odd page. Overall, the game is going well and most content is completed. I anticipate the release to be next weekend and I will be updating the Discord server to reflect the new game. That's about it for this week and I will see you all next week!


Last week I've been continuing work on EggSiege. I have been grinding it out as much as possible, with partial success. I have been getting a lot of features done, but adding a load of tech debt that will be hard to handle in the future. I have been working to reduce the tech debt to make it not hinder development later on, but it seems like this is already slowing down progress due to rushing features fast without much thought. This has made my code inefficient and slow, and I need to improve it. Anyways, I have the game pretty much "finished", including 2 gamemodes, a partial tournament system, etc. but it still has a few bugs. I hope to have a partial early alpha release on Sunday this week. Progress is slow because of school and an awesome day this weekend spent in Seattle. Other than that, I've been squeezing as much time out of my schedule to work on this game; whether it's at night, in the evening just after school, or whenever I'm available on the weekend, it just feels like I don't have enough time to work on the game! Anyways, I haven't been working on other projects much, just mainly improving Did you know the site was down for 2 days because I never noticed that my code had an error after some minor changes? Yeah, that was pretty bad. I got it fixed as soon as I found the problem and continued to provide other small optimizations throughout the site. I also have plans of redesigning the site partially to save on bandwidth and reduce CSS code footprint (it makes up almost HALF of my entire website, I have more front-end CSS than all my back-end JavaScript scripts combined!) and the CSS really is super messy. I am planning on using better coding practices within CSS and making my website more accessible. It'll be a hard task but I like making optimizations like this. Anyways, that pretty much wraps up this SWR and I'll see you all next week! :D


Last week I have been working on more projects other than EggSiege. Although school has been taking up most of my time, I have been trying to squeeze in a bit of extra coding time throughout the day, which has proved to be very successful. I have been working on making the site better, along with many various code improvements for AlecsHome. I also will be continuing the smooth migration away from Hostinger, my current hosting service, to Cloudflare. This allows us to save money on hosting services so we only have to pay for the two domains. Additionally, I have decided to make my Landing site and my AlecsHome site closed-source for the time being. Maybe one day I will rerelease it as open source, but I want to keep my website theme unique and my content copyrighted. EggSiege is also going very well and I have a ton of motivation to continue the project. I still have a few things to clean up before the release, but I have been preparing my 'personal infrastructure' so that I can continue to properly do things even if EggSiege blows up (as in becomes the new Minehut hit game...), including migration of my Email accounts (if possible), getting GitCMS working (so I can easily make posts), finishing up my site, and optimizing content on this site (by fixing up missing content, previous typos, etc..) so that my site better reflects a more professional feeling. The Discord server, however, will be very unprofessional (thank Cake for that.. hehe) but will contain more up-to-date posts. That seems like that summed up everything I've done recently, and I'll see you all next week! P.S: There is a slight possibility that there won't be a new SWR on Monday next week. Don't panic if the SWR post gets delayed until Tuesday!


Last week I have been putting in all my effort into EggSiege. It's going very well, and I'm so close to releasing it! I was hoping to plan a beta test for last weekend, but unfortunately I couldn't make the deadline due to our short trip to Seattle taking up most of our time. I can't release too many details about EggSiege, however I can tell you that the new features are based off a popular Roblox game called Operations: Siege, which itself is based off another hit game known as Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Overall, the game will be very fun and has a ton of potential. Other than that, you may have noticed that my other website, has gotten a major update! I have started working on to make it less buggy and more readable. It should be noted that is still in heavy development, I have just been working on other projects so it's hard to continue development of at the same time as well. Other than that, I have been working hard at school so I've had less time overall. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I have been working on EggSiege, which should be ready soon. I have been putting a lot of work into making it great. I have also been working on the Lofi Player by making minor upgrades. We also went on a trip to Canada this weekend through Labor Day and I didn't bring my laptop, so I fell behind on the game. Sorry this SWR is short, I'm writing it from GitHub on my iPad. Other than that, I will see you guys next week!


Last week (or really the past few days) I've been putting all of my effort into this secret project. As I've been working on it for a few weeks now, I'm ready to announce what it is. The project that I've been working on is EggSiege, a fun Minecraft minigame server featuring custom-coded PvP minigames with quick rounds. It's similar to the Roblox game called Operation: Siege, and includes other fun features. I have been getting really close to releasing it, and I'm excited to make an announcement later. I have just been so busy with school and escaping the smoke here in NW Washington and its hard to get tons of stuff done on the game. Other than the new game announcement, I have also been working on improving the Lofi Player, as shown by the new UI enhancements and polish, radio updates and improvements, and more. I want to make it the best experience it could possibly be for all users. The Summer radio will be removed from its designated featured status by September 10th, so enjoy it while you can! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


Sorry for the late SWR! I'm using my school computer now that school has started, and I haven't set an SWR reminder yet! As you could probably tell, I haven't really been working on all too much recently due to the fact that school has started up again, and I just haven't really been all to motivated to work on the new project. If you haven't done so already, join the Discord server for Egg Development, as that's where you'll find out about my new games and servers! The smoke has rolled back in, just in time for school, so we've decided to hunker down in our home until the smoke passes. Usually, we would take a trip with our trailer to escape the smoke, but we're unable to currently due to work + school. We went and stayed at the Northwest Washington state fair last weekend, so I haven't really had much time to work on my projects, along with a loss in motivation, it's been harder to get progress done. It's very close to release, so maybe there will be a beta test this next weekend? We have 2 other secrets that I want to share with everyone, but they're not ready yet, so if you want to stay updated on cool new projects, join the Egg Development Discord server, link coming soon! (When it's ready, you'll find it on the Projects tab of my main website.) Finally, I've made some updates to the Lofi Player! It features a new radio, more songs, and some QoL fixes! I really only made this new radio and found a bunch of songs because I really need it so I can focus in school, and Summer is coming to a close. That's pretty much it for this week and I'll see you all in a few days!


Last week we went on our trip, so I didn't really get much time work on projects. At least, thats what I thought. Because after the EggEvents beta testing, I lost motivation and stopped working on it, and started working on the new secret project. That new secret project is almost finished, and I'm really excited to show everyone. I was able to get a ton of work done on it so I'll be able to make an announcement on the new Discord server, which will be renamed and revamped to support all of my current and future Minehut games, along with affiliated projects. I didn't really do much else, because we've been on our trip, but we have school next week so I won't be able to work on it much after it's release. Sorry I'm in a rush to make this so this will be a smaller post, but I'll see you all next week!


Although we are still on our trip, I was able to bring my laptop so I can write an SWR (and work on projects) on the go! Last week I started a new project. It will be a secret until I reveal more information about it in the EggEvents Discord server. Speaking of EggEvents, I have ran multiple test sessions with other players and the results were very mixed. There were virtually no bugs, however I found an ultimate flaw within the game which is very hard to game. The flaw is that the game just isn't fun. Many players left quickly after realizing that it was kind of boring, and I just can't let that happen. So I tried many different methods of making the game more fun (adding & polishing other small minigames such as the PvP arena and the Parkour) but I just couldn't revive it. I have a master plan of making the server more fun in the future by making it so events are forced and there isn't a true hub, but this will require me putting my other minigames aside which I'm just not ready to do. Because of this, I'm calling a hiatus on EggEvents to start working on another secret project. Anyways, I've also been doing a slight bit of work on improving GitCMS. I really want to replace VSCode with GitCMS, but right now it just isn't possible seeing how scuffed it is currently. Anyways, we are enjoying our trip and I will still be gone for at least the whole week, so don't expect too much progress on the new project! Finally, we have school coming up again later this month, so we'll have to get prepared once we get bach home. I'll talk more about this later when the time comes. That's it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I've been putting even more effort into EggEvents and turning it into a full-fledged server. I have been spending a lot of time polishing it and adding useful features such as Discord integration, new events, and so much more. I have big plans for it and the execution is going well. I did an early preview playtest yesterday and many things went wrong, however I've been learning from this and I've been improving it as much as possible. I want it to be a bug-free experience, but I'm learning that with my scope, it really is difficult maintain that standard. I've been trying my best to prepare for a release sometime for August, but with my current workload and plans, I may have to delay it until September. I really want to hold a few pre-beta playtests for the community in late August to prepare for a full release in September, but we'll see how that ends up. Other than working on EggEvents, I haven't really been working on much else. EggEvents has been my main project for this part of my Summer and so I'm really motivated to reach my goal of playtesting with the community soon. I also wanted to let everyone know that we will be gone starting August 14th, so there may not be an SWR post. I will be gone for at least the whole week (and more) so the week after next week's SWR might be delayed. That's it for this week and I'll talk to you all (hopefully) next week.


Last week I did even more work on EggEvents and polished it up. We are also working more on Barrenlands, however I have been putting most of my effort into EggEvents seeing how close it is to release. I still have to finish 2 events, but from there, I will be basically done with EggEvents. EggEvents is going very well, but I want to save the details for a different announcement post. We went on a trip to the islands this weekend, so I didn't get much done over the weekend. I also finished up the raspberry AQI monitor, I didn't feel like writing anything about it because I spent too much time already just trying to get it working. If it ever gets smokey this summer, I'll definitely blog about it later. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I worked on EggEvents and created a new roadmap of how I will be continuing development of it. Luckily, I was able to get some time to work towards fixing bugs, and EggEvents is heading into a relatively stable state. I am securing it down with my own plugins and have many fallbacks in case anything goes wrong. I have been implementing features that players would hopefully like & use, such as votekicking and event choosing. I have been working on the Discord server as well, and preparing for players to join. I have been taking advantage of every feature I could, scoreboards, bossbars, titles, XP bars, you name it! I have been expanding my knowledge of Skript while remaking old games due to inefficient code, and now the server runs very smoothly. I have also been working on making it more stable and professional by adding chat filters, staff commands, and much more. It's all been going very well, but I want this beta session to be as polished and as professional as possible when it releases. Other than EggEvents, I've been working on my AQI monitor with my Raspberry Pi, and it works really well! I was able to fix some weird bugs with errors being pushed out randomly, and I've gotten it to work with a lot of stability. I will be making a new blog website where I will talk about this new project, but for now, stay tuned on this site for updates about this project! See you all next week!


I'm back to my normal schedule of SWR posts every Monday! The past couple days I've been very busy working on many different projects. I have been working a lot on EggEvents and I will be doing a new game release sometime this week! I also got a air quality sensor for my Raspberry Pi because it's been very smokey up in NW Washington. Unfortunately, I spent a bit too much time on my AQI sensor project that I had to push out the date of the new EggEvents server from this past weekend to the middle of this week, however I want it to be bug-free once released. I also created my first Java plugin - yay! It was difficult but rewarding, and I learned a lot. Finally, I did a bit of cleaning up & small changes to my site, however I still have some work to do when it comes to the new blog site. Overall, I did manage to do a lot more over the weekend than I thought, and I'm really excited to show everyone the new server when it comes out! See you all next week!


Happy belated 4th! I know this is very late, but we got back late yesterday. I have been making many small changes here and there to my website and I wanted to get my other landing page website closer to completion, but unfortunately I have been losing motivation to get it done ever since I updated the landing page message. I have some big plans for GitCMS because I've found that it's very hard to manage posts with it right now. It's just a file manager and doesn't contain any CMS capabilities yet, so I'm coming up with a way so I can edit and create posts easily with a UI without having to open a Markdown editor and format everything myself. It's going to be a harder project but it'll be very useful! The smoke up here is getting pretty bad, so we bought an air quality monitor I can hook up with my Raspberry Pi so I can monitor the air quality here. We also had enjoyed our camping trip just outside of Seattle, and it was amazing (except for the smoke near the end!) and we enjoyed our trip. I've also been working a lot on making minigames for the MC server, but I'm also getting demotivated to work on it since it's hard to finish them. I also had a teensy bug fix update for the Lofi player to fix some major bugs. Overall, I've been working on a lot of stuff throughout the summer and I've been trying to make more stuff open source for everyone. I'll keep you all updated on what I'll work on next! See you guys in a few days!


Last week we've been working heavily on the old minigame server. You guys might remember that a while back, we were making cool minigames on a Minecraft server, but we got bored of it so we took a long break. But, now we're back and we're making better minigames than before! Because of this, I've been spending more time on making cool minigames than on my other projects. It probably will never be released to the public, but it's been fun making them! I've also done some more work on my website, but its all in the backend, such as optimizing some files, but other than that, I haven't really done too much on the visual side. I have been doing a bit of work on the landing site, but right now it's still in the development stage. We are planning a trip for 4th of July (Independence Day) to go camping in Monroe, and I'm really excited to go, however I won't be getting much stuff done throughout Saturday to Wednesday. I may not be able to post an SWR next week, so it may be delayed until the 10th, where I may combine both SWRs into one. Anyways, that's it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I've been working on a new CMS to manage my website's content. I'm happy to present GitCMS, a new way to manage site content hosted on GitHub. It works for sites hosted on Cloudflare Pages and uses your GitHub account to make API requests to allow you to edit and view your GitHub repositories, public or private. Read more about this new project on my GitHub, or check out the site! I also worked on my main website last week and I've started migrating over from I have taken down and replaced it with a notice, and has been getting some updates. I've also been working on the Lofi Player to fix some bugs and migrate it over to Cloudflare Pages so we don't have to keep paying for Hostinger. The Boba Blog got a new post because we made a trip to Vancouver this weekend for Fathers Day, and a small amount of work was still done on the confidential project. I've also been working on cleaning my GitHub account in preparation for a new page that will hook into the GitHub API and take projects off my GitHub account to show them on my website. So yeah, a lot of stuff was done this week. Making the CMS was the hardest thing I did this last week, and it was well worth it because now I can edit any site (or any of my repositories) with ease after making the switch away from Hostinger. It's just crazy how much I've done in the past month. I really hope the next month I complete even more projects! Stay tuned for more awesome stuff and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I've been putting in a lot of work to revamp my online presence. I've moved my site to, and I've started making a new site. I've finished up and made the migration over to Squirrelly. I am now working on a new system for making blog posts, however it's still early in development. I've been using AI to help me out, and it's incredible how AI can do this kind of stuff. I'm still working on getting everything working, like the contact form, but for now, enjoy the polished look & feel of this site! The confidential project may be getting cancelled because we've had some technical difficulties. We've also been going out more (because its Summer) so I haven't been able to work on projects as much. We will be going camping this weekend for Father's Day, and we will also be gone on the 4th of July (independence day) to spend some time in the Seattle area. That's it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I worked on my static site generator, and I'm making it open source! I hope to have it open source tomorrow, as I need to do some prep work with the licensing and cleanup before making it public. I've also been preparing for a migration to, so all this blog stuff will be moved there instead. Then, I will make a web development blog here at and this will become more of a landing site and a place for my projects. Alec's Home will be more a personal site, with SWR's, announcements, and all that kind of stuff stored there. This is a major migration but I will be rolling it out slowly this week. The project that we've been working on might be a bit too ambitious, but it's still alive and in active development. I'm reaching the end of active development on my static site generator, and I will be ready to enter the maintenance stage of software development sometime this week once I've finalized the backend and I'm able to consistently build the site under 0.05s (it can already do 0.1s without too many optimizations!). I've also done a bit of work on the Lofi Player, because as you can see, it's been moved to a new subdomain, I've been migrating away from Hostinger and all has been going well. I have plans of starting 2 new open source projects to kickstart my GitHub summer of contributing. I can't say what yet, you'll have to see once I've released it! That's it for this week, and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I worked on my new backend, now available at! As you may have noticed, I forgot to write the SWR post yesterday, because I totally forgot to set the reminder for my other computer! Anyways, before I get carried away talking about my new project, I just wanted to say that we have started working on a new project. I am now making commits to 2 new private projects, one of which is currently confidential (which I hope I can talk about more later..) and one for my new website. I don't plan on making this website open source any time soon, however I do want to contribute to open source by making 2 new applications, hopefully coming next month. As for the website, I am very excited for the new changes. First off, the entire site got a redesign. Second off, I'm starting a new web development blog. Third off, the site is now more sustainable and built on Node.js (instead of PHP) using my own, custom static site generator hosted for free on Cloudflare Pages. That's a lot of stuff. Instead of going into too much detail here, expect a new post explaining all of the changes coming to the website once it is released this week (hopefully by Friday, if all goes well). We've also been taking some time off, staying in Snohomish County for our Saturday. Overall, things have been going well and projects have been arriving on schedule (okay, fine, maybe not this SWR...) so you can expect some more information on this new, confidential project once things are sorted out hopefully next month. Anyways, see you all next week!


Last week I did too much work to list here! I had a bunch of time and spent it all on learning new things and experimenting. If you didn't notice, Lofi Player has gone through its final iteration, as stated in the last Changelog post. I have done a few couple updates since then, but nothing too much. So, if I haven't been working, then what have I been working on? Well, if you've been checking my GitHub recently, you would have noticed that I've made a crazy amount of commits to private repositories for the last week. This is because I finally got around to learning Git and set it up on my device! I have now learned the basics of Git and now I just can't not use it for all of my future projects! It's so simple but I've already needed that version control many times! Now, it's time for the major announcement. I'm working on making my website more sustainable. Instead of going backwards and making even more dynamic applications, I'm working on moving forward with technology and making all my applications static and deployable on Cloudflare. This way, I will be able to be environmentally-friendly, extremely cost-efficient (Cloudflare has a great free plan and amazing scaling with great prices) and portable. In order to do this, I will have to migrate my entire website to this new platform, so I'm making it easy on myself and I'm building a static site generator. Additionally, I will start moving over my Lofi Player when the time comes to fully jump off the Hostinger platform. There's just too much information about this change that I can't put it all into an SWR post. I expect this project to be done sometime next month, and expect a beta release for the new site coming soon! See you all next week!


Last week I did a ton of stuff because this is my first full week of Summer! It sure has felt like summer up here in Washington, because we are going through a record-setting heatwave! This coincides with my first full week of Summer, which is this week! I had finished school last week on Tuesday, and ever since, I have been working on my Lo-fi player! I have many so many improvements, and I'm very proud of how it came out. I'm always improving it, so staying up-to-date on the Changelog page will help you know what new features I've added. I have done too much stuff on my lo-fi player that I can't list it all here. For Mother's Day weekend, we went for not 1 but 2 bike rides! We enjoyed our first ride so much on Saturday that we decided to go for another awesome bike ride again on Sunday. We (the Escaprs team) haven't worked on Escaprs at all recently, so I'm declaring it dead (for now..) but I really hope we come around to actually finishing it. I also made a really cool new blog recently, and it's built with Cloudflare Pages and Hugo! It's a static blog hosted with Cloudflare Pages, but I used Hugo (a static site generator) to generate it, and used GitHub and the Git command-line to manage everything. This is my first time using the git command line so I'm still getting used to it, but things seem to be going very well so far. Anyways, that's mostly all that I've done throughout the past week, so I'll see you all next week!


Last week I worked on a new project and released it in beta! This new project, AmazinAxel's Lofi Player, is (as you can guess from the title) a free lo-fi player for people who want to focus & want a clean experience without having to go to YouTube or Spotify. All of the songs within the player are public domain (as of now, but I plan on bringing in more songs with a CC license) and are free-to-use for your YouTube videos and streams. It also now features different radios- which are different hand-picked sets of music that go with a different theme! I have a lot of work to do on it, but right now, it's very stable, very fast, extremely clean (just look at the animations when you switch playlists or do a normal action, or click the About or Changelog buttons at the bottom!), and works on mobile! I have plans on making it my first mobile PWA app, and I'm looking forward to it! This project only took me about a week to finish, and I hinted at it with my "stay tuned for a new project coming to the Projects page!" last week! I also have less than 1 week of school left, so by the time that I write my next SWR post, I'll be finished with school for this year! However, I may have to dedicate some time with learning how to drive. I am now the age to start learning (I haven't got my learner's permit yet) which I'm looking forward to but will take some time away from my projects. I also did a teensy tiny amount of work on my panel, which I said I wasn't going to work on, but here we are. At this point, Escaprs is so close to being finished, but I think we (the team) can all fairly say that it's dead. We haven't worked on it for a while and there is much conflict, opposing viewpoints, and many technical challenges that we can't overcome, so I'm going to have to announce it dead until we start development of it again. Overall, I spent most of my week working on the Lofi Player and other small, various things, but I still have some awesome updates planned for the Lofi Player coming this week! Stay tuned on the Lofi Player's Changelog feature to see what I've been working on, and I'll see you all next week!


Last week I worked even more on my control panel, even though I said I would start to slow down development of it. The reason as to why I kept working on it is because I've found so many things that I need to fix, so I guess now I'm on the maintenance part of development. I am taking multiple Programming courses and I have just came to a realization that most of my methods of development are examples of the software development life cycle! Although there are a couple key differences, I'm surprised that I'm already getting used to the SDLC and making things like this by following it. I have gotten so far and I'm very proud about what this website has become and what I've learned from doing this! This project was a great experience and is extremely useful. I will find myself using this new application more and more as I find more use out of the features that I've made. As you may have noticed, I have been blogging more often on the main page, and I've even been working more on the C1rcuitBr0s Blog to make it look nicer. It's not finished yet and there is some more development to do before it's finalized (that's why you may see 6 of the same post!) but it's getting close. We also did a very small amount of work on the new Escaprs game, but I can 100% tell that we are losing motivation and the project may never be finished. Over the weekend, we took a bike ride around Whatcom Falls Park (in Bellingham, WA) and we thoroughly enjoyed that small outing while we had sun. Although it was a bit cramped because of the amount of people who had the same idea, we still enjoyed the ride. We also repaired a computer over the weekend that had gotten broken through the travels. We aren't exactly sure what fixed it, because all we did was switch the display output to HDMI and made sure to plug in all the cables. It all worked somehow, which is great because now we don't have to put another computer in the landfill. Additionally, you may have noticed (if you have recently forced refreshed your browser) many different UI changes! This is an effort to make the website look better on all devices. I also cleaned up and added some more different things to the Skill Chart (previously Language Chart). As you can see, I did a fair bit of work over the last week, and that's because of my school schedule! As I'm now only working on my last and final course of the year, I have extra time to work on projects because I have less stress and less of a workload. I also plan on finishing this year of school sometime next week, which is great news for my projects! My summer will start early this year (as compared to last year, where my summer started late because of all of the crazy stuff going on!) and I'm very excited to start working on some cool new projects that I have planned! Stay tuned for some awesome new stuff coming in the next few months! See you all next week!


Sorry for the late post! I was supposed to make one yesterday, but I totally forgot! Last week I have been working on my website and making it look awesome. On Saturday, we took an amazing trip to Seattle and I can safely say that it's one of my favorite cities. Everything was so clean and nice, and the skyline was stunning from Pike Place. We went on the Seattle Monorail, saw the Space Needle, and even saw a Yo-Yo contest! We saw cruise ships, sat at the wharf, went to the Seattle Aquarium, went to the Seattle Chinatown, and went around Pike Place Market. Additionally, we walked through many of the Seattle streets and many streets like Pike and Pine were very clean. We also got some boba, which I made a review of on my Boba Blog. Anyways, I spent most of my time cleaning up the website and adding some new features, along with optimizing the back-end control panel. The panel is pretty much finished and I don't have much else to say about it. I am extremely proud of how it came out and I feel very accomplished. This was one of the first major projects that I actually completed. Minehut recently has been moving to a new hosting provider, so we couldn't start working on the new game. This means that the release date is being pushed out further, and at this point, the scope is expanding so far that this project may just die because of scope creep. School started back up this week, so now I don't have as much time to work on cool projects. The good news is that I only have about 1 class left before summer starts, so I will have an early summer! The final thing that I wanted to talk about is a new project that I will be starting. It's called DjangoFiles, and it's going to be a file manager written in Django. This is going to be a new experience for me because I've never used Django, but now I have Uberspace so now I have the opportunity to use some new languages and frameworks. It will take me a while to get started on it, but I just thought I would let you guys know. Sorry for this being a long post, I had so much to talk about because I feel like I did so much last week! That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!


Last week I did even MORE work on the control panel and finished many more features. The control panel is pretty much finished by now and I am starting to move on because I feel like it was a successful project. As you can see, the new Projects page is finished and I did a lot of work on making the website function better. We also worked on the game a lot this week and I would say that we're about 2 months away from the release, however I'm probably way off (if we even finish the project!) Something cool that I started working on is trying out a new Uberspace server. I just made an account and used SSH to login and everything works as expected. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it though, because I only have a 1 month free trial before it ends. I would also like to share that Uberspace is a very good company that is helping to create a better web by getting people to help each other out and create servers together and share the cost. I support them and I am interested in potentially moving my server to them in the future (maybe in about a year?) Anyways, I fixed a bunch of bugs on the main website and on the backend control panel so everyone will have a better experience. Sorry for the downtime on the homepage yesterday - there was a cache issue that gave people unauthorized access errors. That's it for this week and I'll see y'all next week!


Last week I worked even more on the control panel and got a crazy amount of things done! Unfortunately, I am going back to (partial) school this week so I won't be able to work on it as much, however I did a ton of stuff last week! As you may have noticed, the homepage has been redesigned and got 3 new blog posts. I added the Archives feature where you can look at all my previous posts, all the way from 2020! The homepage got a slight revamp, but the main new feature is that I can create blog posts through my backend panel! I have an easy to use feature that allows me to instantly create a new post that appears on the homepage, and automatically gets added to the Archives! Additionally, only the 3 latest posts are shown before you are only able to read them in the Archives. I also pretty much reworked the entire Privacy Policy, and added a new feature called Tooltips that show you information when you hover over them. I've spent a long time working on it and I'm glad it's done because it's very clean and works on all devices! I also now have full control over my About Me page, and I can easily edit the body text or the links easily, along with an editor built-in with my control panel that allows me to edit the Privacy Policy as well. As you can see, this is a crazy amount of new stuff added, and don't even get me started on how many bugs I fixed and how much polish I put into this. However, that's not the only thing I did this week! With some of my additional time, we worked on the game and are nearing the release, however with some of the new features we are adding, I am going to have to push out the expected release date out a couple weekends. As you can see, I did so much this week that it's hard to even list it all! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


Last week I worked even more on the control panel and got so much stuff done!! It's crazy how many things I got done with the control panel, and it's sooo close to being done! Also, we have started development again on Escaprs and we are very close to finishing that game as well. We just have to add some more features, polish things up a bit, and it will be ready for release! If we work on it enough this week, we will be able to release it by next weekend, however I still have doubts that we will finish the project this weekend. My spring break has officially started today and I am enjoying it by spending my time coding! My spring break will last pretty much throughout this entire month and I will have extra time to work on my control panel and other fun projects! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


Last week I did some work on the control panel and added more features and polished things! I am using less spaghetti code and more functions, which is harder to do but 100x times more efficient. My program seems to be going very well and I have been working on securing it. I also have been interested in buying a light strip where I can customize the lighting around my room to respond to notifications and the weather outside. Finally, we have started back up development of our Minecraft game and have gotten a lot of progress done on it. However, I think we may have a chance of getting bored of it again but I really hope we will be able to release it. I also have a large break coming up next month which I am excited about because I will have more time to work on projects. This is going to be my last full week of school before the break, then I will have about a month of partial school, then go back to normal for another month. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


Last week I worked a lot on the control panel and things have just been getting better! I am inching closer to my full release date and I'm fixing a bunch of security issues before making it (partially) public. I have figured out how to use Cronjobs to automate my server and it's feeling really professional. I fixed a bunch of bugs and did some optimizations and I am reusing as much code as possible. We also played a lot of Vanity and made a huge base, which took a lot of time to accomplish. Lastly, I think we are getting bored of the Roblox Doors remake in Minehut, because we haven't worked on it since. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week I spent even more time working on the control panel! I fully figured out the web push system and I'm working on turning this system into a dynamic web application, or a progressive web app. I am also looking into making a system for testing out dev projects on my developer domain, and making it so people can sign up for testing my upcoming applications. I am also working on a system to allow friends and other trusted people partial access to a separate backend panel to help manage projects and more. We also officially stopped working on the Minecraft game and pronounced it DEAD, like I had originally thought about 2 weeks ago. Instead, we are making a Roblox Doors-like game on Minehut, and actually may get it done because we planned things out this time and took the correct steps for making a game and keeping motivation, however I think it includes too much building which can burn us out. We also took our trip to Portland last week and kept it short, and it only took 2 days (we went to Silverdale / Sandy, and then back). I am also looking into creating a home server for hosting developer applications and may be interested in buying an OrangePi or related mini computer and use Cloudflare Tunnels to hook it up to the web. Finally, we took a trip to the suburbs of Vancouver, B.C. yesterday and we had enjoyed our trip, even if it was raining the whole day! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week I worked a lot on my control panel and making various improvements. I also learned about how to use the web push API to make push notifications, which I plan on using on my control panel and may come up with a notification system to notify people on when I make a new post! I have also been thinking about making an RSS feed, but I'm not sure if people use those anymore. I have been putting all my effort into this backend panel, and it's really paying off! I have been feeling very motivated to work on it recently because of all the progress I have been doing. We have also pretty much stopped working on the Minecraft game, as it was terribly planned out and we are all burnt out of working on it. Maybe one day we will revive the idea since we were just so close to release. Also, we will be taking a trip to Portland, Oregon this week so I will most likely not have as much time to work on projects. We will be spending most of our week in Portland and Seattle as part of our mini road trip. That's it for this week and I will see you guys later!

SWR Mini - SWR Monthly - February (3/1/2023)

This is my first monthly SWR post! I will start posting a new SWR around the first of every month. This will help to summarize everything that I have been working on in the past month so people won't need to look through my last previous posts to see what I've been doing. The main and first thing that I've done is revamp my SWR's in general! Pages load around 5% faster, and they have much cleaner code. I have also started transitioning away from my old, custom CMS to my own backend private panel. Of course, you guys won't notice the difference, but I sure do! I have been using my slower CMS every week to post new stuff, and it's time for a change! I have finished integrating the SWR part with my control panel and the site, and everything works perfectly! Other than that, I have been spending my time this past month working on Minecraft games. First it was EggEvents, then I got bored of working on that and started working on another new game. Unfortunately, it looks like that game is going to die because we didn't follow the correct plan steps, so we will most likely lose motivation. As you can see, it doesn't look like I've been doing a whole lot this past month, and that's because of school! I have been working like crazy to get my school done early so I have more time to work on projects, but I keep getting distracted because of the snow, new game releases, and other stuff. I hope this first SWR monthly has helped to recap on everything I've done recently, and expect more of these in the future!

First SWR new system post! (2/27/2023)

Today is a big day because this is the first real SWR post with my new backend system! Believe it or not, I am writing this post on an entirely different website and domain and transferring the data to a static file where my SWR posts are stored. You guys probably don't notice any changes, and that's the point! I now have much better control over the site and security, and can even autocorrect spelling and grammar mistakes! My last CMS was custom and worked for a good couple of years, but I have outgrown it because it has many issues, so I decided to create my own! I will probably be making a YT video on this later this year, but my hard work is definitely and visibly paying off! We did some work on our new and upcoming game, but I worry that the game will never release (because we are good at that) but we are working hard anyways. I am still very happy and proud about the progress made on my custom control panel / CMS, which I have been spending most of my time on. Again, I have been working hard in school to get it done earlier, but I have been also taking more breaks to work on coding. I also worked on my BobaBlog website and made my first post with the new system! That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!

SWR Mini - New Backend Integration! (2/25/2023)

Hi guys! Today I launched my new SWR backend integration with the main site! This is such an exciting day because now I can create posts quicker and more efficiently. I am using my own, custom coded control panel management system that allows me to easily create posts and now its completely static, secure, and FAST! I have spent many months on this project and I am seeing some really good results! I am very happy with the outcome, as now I can ditch my old CMS for something new and modern. This post is my very first real post made with this new system. Everyone and anyone can now see the results of my system because pages now load around 5% faster, because less bloat reduces load times. There is more, exciting news to come out soon for my website, but I just couldn't wait to post my first post with this new management system. See you guys on Monday!


This week I did some more work on Egg Events, but development progress has been slowing down. I didn't get much time to work on it over the weekend, but I have been trying to make things more polished. I also worked a lot on my backend panel, and I'm integrating more things and coding more of the backend. Again, I still have a very long ways before I actually finish it. The good news is that I have been working longer hours in school so I may be able to finish it before summer starts, giving me some extra and much needed time to work on my backend panel. See you guys next week!


This week I worked on Egg Events and ran the first test on LavaRise. Things went pretty bad and was actually pretty buggy, so I decided to wait on the release date and release it next week. I also worked a bit on my back end control panel, and I'm making slow and steady progress on getting it done. I still have a long ways to go though, so I don't anticipate the actual full use of the control panel until next year. Correction on the last post: I actually have school throughout the month of March, but I do get pretty much the entire month of April off. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week I worked on a new and almost-complete Minecraft server, Egg Events! It's a unique event server with a bunch of minigames, such as Lava Rise, and takes in my old minigames from WizardryKB and revives them with a more polished experience. Because this is going to be a minehut only server, I hope to bring more people into it and let many people try it out. The first game, Lava Rise, will be completed by next week and hopefully the server will be opened by then as well. Other than this, I worked on my control panel and a lot of school. School has been taking up a lot of my time, but I have a large break coming up in March so I will have more time to work on things. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!


This week I worked a lot on a new blog system and on a new Minecraft server! I spent a lot of time working on this new blog system that will allow me and other people to blog about things easily and quickly. I am also working on a new Minecraft server, Egg Events, which is pretty much a collection of different minigames and events that I have made. We also are slowing down work on Minigame Mayhem again because we are getting demotivated and working on different projects now. I also did a little bit of work on my backend control panel and messed around with the Pi again and tried to figure out how to install and customize Manjaro. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!


This week we did a lot of work on Minigame Mayhem and got a lot of games finished, and are inching our way to getting closer and closer to the release. I also worked a lot on a new Minehut server which is based on my previous WizardryKB game and converting it all over into a playable Minehut mini-game. I also worked on a new admin control panel for a new blogging system, which we will be using soon to make a new tech-themed blog and revamping my Boba blog! This blog system is now live at and you can see all the improvements and bugs fixed! I will hopefully improve this system later and make things more professional, but for right now, it works pretty well! Finally, I wrapped up plans for my webtop, which is looking too ambitious and may never be completed unfortunately. That's it for this week and I will see you all next week!


This week we worked a ton on Minigame Mayhem and did a lot! We made a bunch of new games, added a lot of polish, and added many new server features! We are getting close to releasing MGM to the public on Minehut, but we still have a couple more games to go before that. I have also been working heavily on 3D modeling a case for my Raspberry Pi for a project that I will go more in depth later. I also did a slight amount of work on my back end control panel, which is going really well too! I have also been doing a bit of planning for my webtop, which is sadly going to be delayed until at least next year at the minimum. I started school this week and so I will lose out on a lot of time to work on projects unfortunately. Luckily, I have another massive break coming up this Spring that will be for about a month, but that's still a couple months away. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!!


This is my first post of 2023! Last week we did a ton of work on our minigame server and got a ton of minigames done. I also did a small amount of work on my control panel, and 3D printed a really cool Raspberry Pi case! Finally, I have been playing around with a new watch that I got for Christmas, and it's actually really cool and can do a lot of things. That's it for this week and I will see you guys next week!