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Last week was another eventful week. I anticipate another hectic week next week when we finally move into our new place. Because it's been so crazy recently, I didn't get much done. I have been working heavily on Permafrost again, and I'm almost ready to post a showcase soon. There has been a lot of work involving the mechanics of the game and I want to release it as a proof-of-concept on Minekeep/Xenon soon. Because we've been so busy with moving, I haven't really had the chance to work on many other projects. Expect a delayed SWR post next week as we move. See you guys (maybe) next week!


Happy April Fool's & belated 🥚 Easter!

Last week was very eventful. I worked on many projects and got a lot of stuff done. I have a couple of important announcements:

We will be moving again next week, so project progress will be limited. However, I'm almost done with school for this year so I'll be able to focus more on projects near the beginning of May.

This weekend, I have fully transitioned away from Hostinger and diversified/decentralized my platform. Hostinger no longer is my domain registrar, web host & email host, and VPS host. I now have fully transitioned to Cloudflare for domain registration and web hosting, and MXroute for email services. This means that my previous site at has been taken down.

Other than the migration, I have been working heavily on Permafrost. I regained motivation to work on the game, and I've been making lots of progress with polishing up the game and integrating features. I also have been working on my Linux distro, as I plan on daily-driving it starting in August, when we start school again.


Last week, I did a lot of work on personal projects. Firstly, I started a new project to manage the lighting in my room. I received an LED strip as an arcade reward prize many years ago and haven't used it much since. I will make it open-source upon release. It uses an old micro:bit as the controller to send data to the LED strip. It's about 75% completed already, and I anticipate it to be finished by next week. Check my GitHub to stay updated on the progress! Other than that, I worked on Permafrost, but development is very slow. I don't anticipate to release it by Summer anymore.

Xenon (the Minecraft hosting network) also had their first game jam in which ChimkenNuggz (a server I participated in the creation of, credit goes to DerpyDoggo11) is a candidate for winning! Vote for ChimkenNuggz to help us win the jam! Other than helping out with ChimkenNuggz, I have been doing the usual: learning Neovim, working on my Linux setup, and trying to daily-drive it. Finally, it should be noted that we dedicated our Saturday to another day-trip to the beach in SW Washington State, which slowed down progress. That's about it this week and I'll see you all next week!


It's spring in the PNW! I didn't get much time to work on projects since the weather was amazing and we went on a drive to enjoy the sun. Last week, I completed a new open-source project for creating simple Discord bot embeds. It can be used for showing custom-formatted announcements or changelogs on Discord servers. I also worked on Permafrost, yet development is very slow. I have been putting all my effort into working on my Linux system to make it daily-drivable. I have been experimenting slowly with Neovim to code faster, and I've already learnt the basics of tiling window managers. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week, I worked on many various things at the same time. We went on a miniature weekend trip to Bremerton, so project progress was limited. I have started up about 3 projects since last week, including 2 open source projects. Firstly, as I continue working on Permafrost (which is still expected to be released sometime early/mid Summer 2024), I came up with the idea of a Discord message formatting system. It works a bit differently than sites like Discohook, and is intended to be user-friendly. This will be open-source, and it will be a great way to format announcement or changelog messages into an embed. The second is a dead link detector, which will run every day to check a website for bad links. It will then tell the webmaster about the dead link so they can fix the link. This is good for SEO and QoL for site visitors. Finally, I started planning out a unique Minecraft server hosting platform. This project is very early in the planning stages, and is likely to get backlogged as I have many other projects to work on. I also did a bit of work on this site to clean it up a bit. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week was extremely eventful. I was very productive and got a bunch of stuff done. Firstly, I worked on Permafrost and we're getting closer to the expected release date of early/mid summer 2024. I did a lot of polishing up to make the game feel better and add a few more features. I also worked on my website and fixed it up so it's viewable again, and partially recoded this website. I also have been working on my NixOS config and optimizing my system for daily use. It's getting close to being done, and I'm excited to replace my Windows machine with this far-better Linux system. Other than that, some of you may have noticed that I actually posted a new video on my channel. This is because I'm helping out with ChimkenNuggz, a new strategy-oriented mob game! I created the trailer for it and we tested it out on Xenon yesterday, which went very well. I encourage you to check out the video and try out the game! That's it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week, I worked on many projects. Firstly, I stopped working on the Minestom lobby because I ran out of motivation. I don't know if I will open source it, as it is still unfinished, however when it's done I'll make it open source. Secondly, I've gotten more work done on the site since now things aren't broken and are actually working. I've also been working on Permafrost to keep that project going, but progress has been slowing down. I still hope to get it released before the summer! I also started working on my Linux dots as well, as I want to migrate to Linux ASAP. Last week was pretty average as far as project progress goes, but I think I'll be focusing more on my Linux setup rather than my sites and Permafrost. That's it for this week and I'll see you next week!


Last week was another productive week for my projects. As some may have noticed, my website looks different again, as I am experimenting with a new front-end framework. I still expect that site to be down for another few weeks while I continue building out this new site. Other than that, I have also been working on the backend of this site (by switching to Bun) and fixing some front-end bugs. I also worked heavily on Permafrost, however I am beginning to feel burnt out because I've done so much work on it already. So, I have taken a short break from working on Permafrost and started working on a new, open source lobby system using Minestom and Java. I want to learn more about Java and want to contribute to open-source, so I think this is another great side-project. I will still be working on Permafrost, yet with the new website and this new project, development will be slowed. That's it for this week, and happy President's Day!


Last week was another very busy week for me. Firstly, I want to address the current state of Egg Development. I have decided to disband the studio and will join a different studio with other people. I don't like making games by myself anymore and so I believe that it's best to leave Egg Development behind and start anew with a different platform and community. I will move my games over to this new group and begin publishing stuff there. Next, I have started working on a new Minecraft server. I can't provide much information about it, however I can tell you that it's a winter survival game with many custom features providing a unique gameplay experience. I have much more to announce about this project later! Lastly, I have been working a bit on my website and planning out different front-end technologies that I should learn to make my site look cool. Ignore the placeholder site for now, it's still in development. That's about it for this week, and stay tuned for more announcements!


I made a lot of progress last week on many projects. Firstly, I polished up EggDuels, which has now been renamed to Shootout. I released it to the Xenon community and things went very well. Then, I started working on LavaRise, a new minigame for the Xenon Events server. It has now been released but unfortunately I wasn't able to share it on the Xenon stream. If anyone wants to test out this new game, use /join Events in the Xenon lobby, and use /join Shootout to try out my Shootout game. These new servers are awesome, however I am beginning to lose motivation with creating these games. Therefore, I am considering renaming or deleting Egg Development studio and joining another studio in order to keep making games. I really just can't keep making games by myself - it's been so difficult planning everything and I think it's better off if I just stick to what I'm best at and follow instructions made by a project manager. We'll see how this goes, but I'll make a new announcement here if I make that decision. Finally, I have been working on my website a lot recently and I'm preparing for remaking my landing site. Expect the site to go down for about a week while I prepare the new site. I'll make a new announcement here as well when I'm done. Anyways, that's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week was very eventful. I put all my focus towards completing EggDuels, after hearing about the Xenon release. Unfortunately, Xenon was pushed back and I had to change my plans and host the test session with a smaller group of Xenon beta-testers only. Read the announcement post to learn more about how this beta test session went . I spent most of my time on that project but have recently lost motivation because it feels complete. Other than EggDuels, I have been focusing on my web-related stuff, and I'm planning on building a new site for Egg Development. I'm hoping to make the site with Tailwind and React (with typescript) or Vue. I'm also considering recreating my landing site with Tailwind as well, but retain static CSS for this blog site. Anyways, I spent most of my time working on EggDuels and was grinding that out, so I didn't work on many other projects. That's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week was another week filled with progress. Firstly, I continued ricing my Linux setup and started using Neovim (with Lazyvim) to get used to it. Then, I worked on my site infrastructure during a power outage. Did I mention that there was a huge storm that hit the NW recently? Power outages made it difficult to do school and interrupted projects, but luckily they were shorter and less frequent than the ones during the 2021 ice storm that hit Portland, OR. Unfortunately, our storm didn't give me enough time to fully watch the new season of Hilda, unlike the 2021 storm. Last but not least, Egg Development will be heading into it's next chapter this Friday. I've secretly been working on a new game called EggDuels, a wild-west themed shooter game. I've had it in the works so that I could release it alongside a new Minecraft server hosting platform, Xenon. Xenon has been under maintenance for a very long time, yet they have finally announced their new release date: Friday, Janurary 26th. I have decided that the best course of action is to align our development group with Xenon and leave the Minehut community for good. Please read my new announcement post for more details. Anyways, that was a lot of stuff. School is still keeping me busy, but I have some extra time that I'll be dedicating towards Egg Development. That's about it for this week, and I'll see you all next week!


Last week, I took a break from ricing Linux and worked on my other projects instead. I've been working on my site a lot recently, preparing it for the site redesign release. I've also been working on creating a new (hopefully open source) SSG blogging system for a new tech blog I'm working on. I've been coming up with designs and creating styles for my new redesign, which I hope will be professional and minimalistic. I've been prioritizing my site heavily as I fix bugs and refactor code. Over the weekend, I took a break from working on the site and made much progress on EggSiege. Unfortunately, I lack good game design skills so I had to recode 2 major systems in the game to make them less complicated. My planning has changed many times since I've started working on EggSiege but this was one of the major systems that had to be refactored and redesigned for a better player experience. I've pushed out the release date officially to June/July so I can dedicate more time to other projects. Finally, I've also been researching up an awesome new project related to an MP3 player I received. I want to hack it and mess around with it, so hopefully the next new post on my upcoming blog will relate to that. Anyways, that's about it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


Last week was an impressive week with lots of progression of my new NixOS rice! I've learned so much, and I've been customizing it heavily. I've started using Ags, which is also helping me to further my JavaScript skills. My progress has been tremendous, and I'm almost done with the basic setup! Additionally, I installed Neovim, and hope to learn valuable Vim skills by programming on a distraction-less IDE. I've been working on trying to be more efficient with my workflow, and hopefully this would be a valuable tool to my distraction-free workflow, alongside my minimal Hyprland + Ags desktop. I have optimized battery life and performance using NixOS already, so it's almost nearing completion (once I finish ricing Ags and learn Neovim). Other than this large Linux migration project, I have been working on EggSiege. I have taken a break from working on it for a while due to a loss in motivation (project tech debt) and so migrating to Linux has been my main focus. But I haven't lost sight of my online presence either! I've still been planning out my new website design and getting ready to make a todo list for a full website migration from Hostinger to Cloudflare, and redesigning the broken site. Anyways, as you can see, I was extremely busy with many projects last week (Winter break ftw!) and very productive. Unfortunately, I have school starting again so progress will slow down again. That's it for this week and I'll see you all next week!


It's the first day of the year! I'm starting this SWR post off by listing my resolutions for the year. This year, I want to make an impact. I plan to release EggSiege with its polished features to a brand new and vibrant community (Xenon) once it releases, hoping to spread the fun of unique, competitive PvP minigames further. I also want to be extra efficent this year: which is why I'm switching to Linux. I'm breaking up with Windows to continue my journey on a distraction-less platform dedicated to helping me work better. I hope to get more work done this way. Finally, I want to contribute more to open source. Many of my projects previously worked on were traditionally closed source. I want to gradually increase my open-source project portfolio and try contributing to other open source projects, and make my future projects more open-source friendly. We'll see how these resolutions go, but it's a good start to the new year. Anyways, I apologize for the delay in writing this new SWR post. My previous post was over 2 weeks ago. Our Christmas trip last week had kept me very busy! I now have a new laptop to tinker with Linux, which I have been busy with. I have released my dotfiles on GitHub (temporarily) while I continue developing it. Other than Linux, I actually worked on fixing a few bugs on EggSiege. I have taken a short break from developing on it. Other than that, progress during the last 2 weeks have been slow (due to the trip) so I hope to ramp up project progression in the next few weeks. Anyways, that's about it and I'll see you guys next week!