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I'm Alec (also known as AmazinAxel online), a full-stack web developer and programmer of things on the Internet.

Welcome to my personal blog on the Internet! I enjoy blogging about things I've learned and make cool projects. I'm very passionate about what I do and I love giving back in the form of open-source projects.

The posts below are my most recent announcements. If you want to learn more about me or what I do, head over to my other site at

Dueling: Update 1.2/1.3 and Permafrost

Dueling: 1.2 and 1.3 have been released, with new content and bug fixes.

Update 1.2 brings three new kits: Arsonist, Witch, and Sumo. It also brought new balance changes (which were rolled back) and many new chat improvements. Hotfixes 1.2.1 and 1.2.2 came shortly after 1.2, fixing major game-breaking bugs and brought minor bug fixes.

Update 1.3 brought the Demolitionist kit and 5 new titles for each rarity. It also brought a much-improved health bar and small backend optimizations.

If you've been waiting for Dueling to become stable, now's your chance to join.

An update regarding Permafrost: As promised, development of Permafrost has sped up, as development of Dueling has stopped. There has been much new content and Permafrost is nearing a possible proof of concept release mid-summer. However, due to the scope of the project, I still don't expect a release until late summer at the earliest. I haven't posted a new sneak peek of Permafrost in a while -- due (partially) because most of the things I wanted to show are hitting technical Minecraft limitations.

If you haven't done so, consider joining the Permafrost Community Discord server to learn more about Permafrost and Dueling.

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May 24th, 2024


Dueling: Update 1.1 and Permafrost

Dueling has received both update 1.0 and 1.1, featuring many new bug fixes and more. I don't anticipate any more hotfix updates to be released, as the game seems to be in a very stable state currently.

Permafrost development was slowed down due to development of Dueling, so unfortunately it doesn't seem like Permafrost will release in May or early June. I'll keep working for a late-June proof-of-concept release, however the chances are becoming slimmer each day as development becomes harder and as I accumulate tech debt. After these Dueling hotfix updates, Permafrost development will increase dramatically and more leaks will be shared in the Permafrost community Discord server.

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May 13th, 2024


Dueling: Update 1.0 and the future

As stated on the Permafrost community Discord server, Dueling will be taken down for the final time for the 1.0 update. This new update will fix all bugs experienced during the beta test session yesterday. It'll mark the end for major updates to Dueling, as development resources are shifted to Permafrost.

What's next for Dueling?

Dueling will be partnering with the Permafrost VIP pass this Winter to provide you with more great perks, like an extra Title slot, coin boosters, and more! More information regarding the VIP pass, Permafrost, and Permafrost-related games coming soon!

Dueling will also be the hub for Permafrost Community events, where full tournaments are expected to be held. There are plans for a Redemption gamemode and more, but it'll likely be very far down the line.

After the 1.0 update, the game will go out-of-beta for anyone to join at any time.

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May 6th, 2024


Dueling: Update 0.9 Public Beta Release

Dueling will have its last public beta tomorrow, May 5th. Everyone is invited to join the fun before the game goes out-of-beta with Release 1.0. Additionally, no new major updates are planned for Dueling after update 1.0 so the team can focus solely on Permafrost. Read more on the Permafrost Community Discord server about Dueling & Permafrost.

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May 4th, 2024


Dueling: Update 0.9 Coming Soon

Dueling: Update 0.9 is coming this week! Here's a rundown of what it's going to look like:

Titles: Buy Titles that will appear above your name during a duel!

How it works: Use the new shop to buy new titles. You will have 3 slots for buying titles. Titles are sorted by rarity, with rarer titles requiring more Coins to purchase. Players will start with 3 random titles (2 rare, 1 very rare) and they can use the Title Editor to rearrange their title (up to 2 words). Combine different Titles together to make something funny and original! You can view all Titles using the Title Index, which contains all categories of every title and your progress.

2 New Kits: New kits, featuring shields and crossbows!

Shieldsman: The Shieldsman receives average damage and defense, but receives an all-purpose shield! On attack, the shield reduces durability and knocks the attacker away, and the shield receives a short cooldown. Crossbow: The Crossbow kit has average damage and defense, but exchanges a stone sword for a wooden sword and crossbow!

Votekick: You will soon be able to votekick toxic players or hackers with an easy-to-use GUI!

How it works: When starting a votekick, just use /votekick and click the player you'd like to votekick. Sign the agreements, and then players can choose to votekick the player. When enough votes are reached, the player is kicked/temp-banned for 20 minutes.

QoL features & polish: Many new QoL features will be released within the next update, including but not limited to:

Ties: when both players die, the game will end as a tie instead of giving the player with the best ping the win

Leaderboard: The end-of-game leaderboard will get improvements (with more accurate player wins), but the grouping feature will remain on-hold

Polish: This may be one of the last major updates for Dueling, so I've put in a bunch of effort into the sounds, particles, bug fixing, and experience into the game to make it feel polished and professional.

Stay tuned on our Discord for beta test session announcements!

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May 1st, 2024

Coming Soon