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About Me


I'm AmazinAxel, and I create stuff on the internet! I'm a full-stack web developer & game designer. I'm based in the PNW, near Seattle, WA.

I focus on developing websites and creating things for the web. I am very proficient in JavaScript but I'm also very experienced with many JavaScript frameworks and tools, along with PHP and various other specialized languages such as Skript.

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If you want to learn more about me, get in contact with me, or see my skills, head over to my other website at .

Learn more about me!

The Boba Blog

The Boba Blog is partially outdated, but all the content still remains available. Click me to see the Boba Blog.

I have huge plans of revamping the Boba Blog, including making a new media-based blog for a more immersive experience. Stay tuned!